Does your car have trouble gripping to the road whilst going around corners? Do you feel vibrations in your steering wheel when travelling at high speeds? Are your tyres below 1.6mm? If so they will need to be replaced.

Here at RCP we have a fully fitted out tyre bay which means that we can fit tyres on to any make of car, as well as check that the wheels are correctly aligned and balanced. If you want a replacement tyre to keep in your car, we can provide you with those too.

If you do not know what type of tyres you have, take a look at the sidewall of the tyre you want to replace. There you will find various codes and markings. The tyres are made up of different numbers and letters. The picture below describes the coding system:

We will also check the wheel alignment, (tracking), of the tyres. It is important to do this in regards to road holding, mechanical wear and increasing tyre life. In order to provide the most accurate service possible we use the latest 4 wheel digital alignment technology- The Geoliner 680.

The 3D wheel aligners of the Geoliner 680 use the latest camera and computer technology, giving you the best chance on our harsh UK roads!